The day I found Minor Landscaping was one of the luckiest days of my life.

When I decided I was tired of looking out my kitchen window and seeing nothing but weeds, I decided I was going to make it a great backyard. The first thing I wanted to do was to construct a patio and purchase a 3 season gazebo and a shed to store things in. Then I wanted to build beds of plants and trees going up the side of the property line and install a gravel driveway to get to the gazebo which is 300 feet from the house. I also wanted the entire area of my property to be leveled out and grass planted to finish it off. All these things seemed to be things I could handle. Well, little did I know what an undertaking this project would be.

Of course I needed a landscaper to help me with all this work, and I have to say, the day I found the advertisement for Minor Landscaping in the Observer newspaper was clearly one of the luckiest days of my life. That may seem like an exaggeration, but this project was huge! My dad was a mason contractor in his day and he told me more than once that I couldn’t have done it without Minor. He would be so impressed with his work that he looked forward to stopping by see how my project was coming along. Words cannot convey the happiness I see every time I look out my kitchen window.

Minor and his crew are honest to goodness hard workers. They do what you tell them to do and they do what they say they are going to do. If he tells you he will be at your house at a specific time, he’s there. If your hoping they could start and finish a particular part of the job in one day, he and his crew will work from morning to sunset. If you tell him your vision on how you would like something to look, he would do what you told him but the project would be 10 times nicer than you even imagined. And if I needed him to meet me at the Stone Center in Bridgewater, or pick up some bushes at a nursery or landscaping supplies at Home Depot, well you guessed it, no problem.

He also has great insight on how to care for your landscaping. For example, he recommended that I trim back my shrubs and bushes every year so that they would stay young looking and not get to be overgrown and overpower my house. His work on retaining walls and patio work is impeccable. I needed to control the water that would rush down the slope from the uphill side of my property and he suggested digging a ditch all the way down with large landscape rocks to slow down the water and redirect it away from my beds. I didn’t even realize I would have to manage rushing water, but his idea worked.

Well, in conclusion, Minor Landscaping is one of the most pleasant companies I have ever done business with. And I plan to continue to use his services for my landscaping needs in the future. Did I mention that he did a wonderful job putting up my Christmas lights last year?


Everything is exactly as we wanted it to be

Dear Minor,
We wanted to write you to let you know how much we enjoy our patio and front walkway. Everything is exactly as we wanted it to be. Your craftsmanship is wonderful.

All of our friends and family that see it love it. The quality is excellent; your company did a wonderful job. The work was done to our specification and we appreciate that you cleaned up the area at the end of each day.

Thank you again. We are thrilled with the work you did.


The final product is more spectacular than we could have imagined

Some time ago, my husband and I hired Minor’s Lawn Care for a major hard-scape project. We had been working on updating our home for more than seven years, and had completed all the improvements ourselves. Minor was the only contractor we have ever hired to work on our home. We knew we were not qualified, nor did we have the time to complete this project ourselves. The project involved installation of an extensive brick-paver walkway, a large patio with fire pit, and an interior natural stone remodeling of a brick fireplace wall.

Minor and his crew did a fantastic job. They work 12- to 14-hour days, rain or shine. It was amazing to watch them work. I did not realize the amount of precision, talent and skill this project required. All the neighbors took their turn investigating the project, and commenting on the beautiful outcome and dedication of Minor and his staff.

The final product is more spectacular than we could have imagined. It has added so much beauty and value to our home. Most of all, we are so thankful that Minor, with all his talent and experience, did the job. Minor and his crew were a pleasure to have around the house and we now call him our friend. We plan to have Minor return for a few more projects, and we give him our highest recommendation.


I highly recommend Minor’s Landscaping for your project!

Minor’s Landscaping installed a patio for us two years ago. We are delighted with the quality and appearance of the patio, and enjoy it every day. Minor is a pleasure to deal with, and built our patio exactly to our specs. I highly recommend Minor’s Landscaping for your project!

Mike and Lori

We would be happy to recommend you to anyone. Looking forward to summer and enjoying our new yard!

Dear Minor,

Thank you so much for the expert job you did on our lawn and landscaping project last summer. Everything made it through the winter and will be budding soon. We were amazed at the amount of work you and your crew were able to accomplish in just a couple days. Even the last minute changes, like putting in extra islands, trees and shrubs, were taken care of quickly and efficiently. You made sure it was exactly what we wanted and attended to all the details. After you left, our neighbors all commented on what a beautiful job you did and how hard you and your men worked, barely taking a break. We wanted to tell you too that your prices were quite reasonable for the all work that was done. We would be happy to recommend you to anyone. Looking forward to summer and enjoying our new yard!

Charlie and Sue
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