The final product is more spectacular than we could have imagined

Some time ago, my husband and I hired Minor’s Lawn Care for a major hard-scape project. We had been working on updating our home for more than seven years, and had completed all the improvements ourselves. Minor was the only contractor we have ever hired to work on our home. We knew we were not qualified, nor did we have the time to complete this project ourselves. The project involved installation of an extensive brick-paver walkway, a large patio with fire pit, and an interior natural stone remodeling of a brick fireplace wall.

Minor and his crew did a fantastic job. They work 12- to 14-hour days, rain or shine. It was amazing to watch them work. I did not realize the amount of precision, talent and skill this project required. All the neighbors took their turn investigating the project, and commenting on the beautiful outcome and dedication of Minor and his staff.

The final product is more spectacular than we could have imagined. It has added so much beauty and value to our home. Most of all, we are so thankful that Minor, with all his talent and experience, did the job. Minor and his crew were a pleasure to have around the house and we now call him our friend. We plan to have Minor return for a few more projects, and we give him our highest recommendation.